Seed Capital

The directors and advisors at Yen Capital invest their personal funds to back young entrepreneurs with innovative ideas. Investments are typically in the range of Rs 1 to 10 Million.

Investments are sector agnostic but the business idea must be differentiated and have a large market.

Venture Capital

With its strong connections in the venture capital industry, Yen Capital assists in obtaining venture capital for its investee companies.

Yen Capital has a strong network of High Net worth Investors who co invest with us.

Private Equity

We assist our clients through the entire cycle of fund raising from making the business plan to the financial model and negotiation to structuring the transaction.

Through our extensive network and experience, we ensure that our clients get the most appropriate partners and the optimum financial structure.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Yen Capital provides advice on a range of strategic transactions, including mergers, sell-side and buy-side advisory, leveraged buy-outs and corporate restructuring. We provide insightful advice to help clients derive maximum value from their transactions. We specialize in cross-border transactions in the mid-market space.

International & Domestic Debt

Yen Capital assists midsized corporates with both External and Domestic Debt either in the form of External Commercial Borrowings, Foreign Currency Convertible Bonds, Long Term Export Credits or Rupee term loans. We are experts in raising External Finance from the market to suit the corporate in the specific industries that we are working on.

Strategic Advice & Mentoring

The Team at Yen Capital has many years of experience in providing strategy advice to corporates.

We not only provide financing but also guide our investee companies with strategic advice and mentoring.